Disclaimer: This site is still under construction and some areas are missing content.

Current Projects

Project Description Status
Fiend - Life Cycle My first album. About three-fourths completed.
Dermal Prison Industrial band consisting of my friend Jordan and myself. Several songs recorded in early demo verions.
Blockhead 2D puzzle game. Converting to Visual C++.
Ruin Innovative first person shooter. Early 2D/3D engine in progress.
Absolute Zero Quake 2 Mission Pack On indefinite hiatus.
The Abandoned Outpost Quake 3 Deathmatch Map Temporarily suspended due to frustration with compiler.


I finished two new deliciously disturbing songs: Creep, my psychologically and emotionally wrenching dance song, and it's companion track, A World With No Sun, a happy little narrative on the consequences of desperation.

To make room, I had to amputate Rotting and Stillborn. It just gets me all choked up inside.

There's a new version of Zipperhead on the music page. I've made a lot of improvements to it.

Also, I've finally gotten Direct-X to compile in Visual C++, so the games are back in production again. Blockhead compiles and looks pretty good, but in it's current state, it's not a complete game. I've started work on Ruin, but what I've done isn't even worth mentioning yet.

There's a new song on the music page called Zipperhead. Go listen to it.

All the other songs have been updated as well, so you might want to give them a listen also. Unfortunately, I haven't yet added real guitar to songs which didn't already have it. That will be my next step.

I've signed up for a gold account on mp3.com, so all my music is now available through that page, although there is still a 3-5 day approval period, so new songs (like Zipperhead) will still be available here first. The express URL for that page is www.mp3.com/Fiend_.

The Vent Radio Show in Selinsgrove, PA has shown an interest in my music, and I've sent them a demo CD. The show airs 2-4 PM on Sundays, so if you're in that area you can check it out.

Lastly, you may have noticed how Tripod's been screwing up my site with these banners (even though I'm supposed to have pop-up ads only). I will probably switch the site to a non-frames version in the next couple of days. It's probably better that way anyway.

I've been focusing on improving the music I've already written before attempting to finish another new song. I'm in the process of moving the songs I've already done from Modplug to Acid Pro, but it is a long, arduous task. More importantly, I'm trying to replace the sampled guitars I've been processing with real guitar but that, also, is proving more frustrating than I had anticipated. I have, however, produced slightly updated versions of all my music and will soon be uploading them to here and my various other web pages.

Ruin, the first-person shooter I've been attempting to program (for eight years) has once again been set aside for a future day. I've decided I'll need to learn direct-x programming in visual c++ to even hope to accomplish what needs to be done. As a learning experience, I'm working on porting my turbo c++ version of my puzzle game Blockhead to visual c++, and hopefully making a 2D puzzle game in direct-x will serve as a springboard for the 3D programming I'll need later. Even when I do get around to programming Ruin, it may initially play as a 2D overhead game before I can figure out the 3D code. Unfortunately, I can't move forward on Ruin or Blockhead till I fix what I believe is a linker or library problem I'm having with direct-x.

As far as mapping is concerned, I haven't even opened my map editor in months. I even thought I'd make another version of The Coliseum before the end of summer, but alas, time never lasts as long as I plan it will. I'm not sure when I will start mapping again, or if I will even finish the Abandoned Outpost map I began in the spring. I have also stopped working on my Quake 2 mission pack, Absolute Zero. It's a cool idea, but I just don't have the time for it right now.

New song: Stillborn. Ambient, creepy, weird, and a little heavy. First song with real guitar.

A new song, Malice, is done and uploaded to the music page. This song introduces Malice, the character who also sings Take. Both songs are angry industrial-metal, but this one borrows a lot more from bands like Bile and Pig. This marks the completion of the second stage of Life Cycle.

I finished and uploaded the Quake 3 map I was working on, and I put off updating this page for so long that I actually finished a second one. So there are now two Quake 3 deathmatch maps on the games page. The first map is fun to play, but it looks a little blank. Maybe starting with a big box and then trying to filling it with things isn't the best way to make a map. The second map is a little more eye-pleasing and it was planned out a lot more, but if you like Quake 3 I encourage you to try them both.

I finished a remix of Take I've been working on, so go to the music page and check it out. Also, you'll probably notice the music page has changed a lot. Like I said I would, I've eliminated some of the lesser material to conserve space. I've broken the page down into Newest Tracks (the two most recent tracks I've uploaded) and Featured Tracks (what I think are the three best ones, aside from the newest).

I've realized the links to my other pages I've been giving haven't been going to the right places. Apparently, IUMA and Mp3.com don't like people linking directly to an artist page, so I've fixed the links on the music page.
IUMA.com, search for "Fiend"
mp3.com, search for "Fiend_"

There's also a link to my email on the menu over there, which I created once I finally realized I forgot to make one.

Lastly, my Quake 3 map, Sewage Treatment Plant, will actually be ready soon. It just needs a few finishing touches (items, sounds, etc.) and a decent levelshot. I'm especially proud of my raw sewage shader, which really captures the essence of filthy water mixed with human feces.

I've uploaded a new version of Empty. It's shorter now, along with a few other additions and adjustments and I feel its a large improvement, though I'm still not completely satisfied with it.

I've gotten back into mapping again, this time for Quake 3, and I believe I'll actually finish the map I'm working on if I can get the damn shaders to work right. At the same time I've also been writing lyrics for the rest of the album; I'd hate for my children to think I was playing favorites.

On a more dire note (as if anyone actually comes here or reads my ramblings), I've almost reached the full capacity of my storage space here on tripod. With more music on the way (not to mention Quake maps), I'll have to reconsider how I use my space. If I decide to remove some of my music (which seems most likely), remember that you will always find all my songs on IUMA.

I took a break from music for a while to work on a puzzle game I'm designing called Blockhead, but I've set that aside for now and I'm back on the album again. Another angry song, Take, is finished and uploaded. I've also made some changes to the track list, as the album continues to mutate into its own creature. Its been making demands about characters and symbolism. I could beat it with a stick, but its easier just to feed it when its hungry.

As I promised, Dirt Machine is now finally finished and uploaded, so go to the music page and stop wasting precious download time reading my drivel. This is not just my heaviest song, it's also one of the most brutally intense songs I've ever heard, so you can imagine I'm quite proud of it.

There's a new song available for your listening discomfort (actually I finished it a week or so ago but I've been lazy since). Empty is really more of a slow, depressing song (yes, even more than Rotting), but I promise I'll unleash my ear-bleeding onslaught soon, as I've been meaning too.

I've halted construction on the website and have been working on the album. There are now four songs finished and they can be downloaded on the music page. I might resume work on the site in a little while.